About us

Why was Namopi created?

We created this platform because we noticed how difficult it is to choose suitable household appliances. Many of us had questions arising, like: How to choose a dishwasher? Which of them is the best? How to choose a fridge? Which one is better? How to choose a washing machine? And so on.

That's why we created an original tool - Namopi.lt, which helps to choose household appliance by yourself and without need to ask the consultants. You can also compare prices and select the best one. Namopi.lt lists all the functions of the a product, explains what are they used for. Convenient filter selects the models that suit exactly your needs. After that you can compare functionality of the few selected models and check the prices that are offered by e-shops. And most importantly, we provide a rating of each model, which is objective, because takes into consideration only functionality, but not the subjective opinions.

Try to choose! We believe that Namopi.lt will become your first assistant in selecting the household appliances, and in future - other things!

Why should you trust Namopi rating?

We analyze functions, possibilities and features of each model in detail, evaluate them and provide a final result — an independent NAMOPI rating.

NAMOPI rating that is provided for each thing is a joint evaluation of the product's technical, technological properties and it's functionality. The bigger rating means more advanced and user friendly product.

Maximum of 100 NAMOPI rating points can be assigned to the product.

NAMOPI rating is independent from manufacturers and salesmen opinions. Rating is formed only from objective quality parameters. Each product category has different quality parameters. Price, color and manufacturing country does not influence the rating.

Once per day we check and update the prices of all products in our system.

What does Namopi mean?

NAMOPI is an old Lithuanian way of saying "towards home".

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